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Our team of trained experts performs high-quality 3rd Party X-Ray Testing and Evaluation of scanning devices across all Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) providing non-biased testing/reporting.

We are fully involved in the planning, coordination of X-Ray scanners for daily, weekly, or monthly planned testing at the discretion of the owner. Utilizing the XTE product suite, owners can guarantee their scanners are continually operating at an optimum level ensuring international border security standards.

Please click here for X-Ray Testing and Evaluation (XTE) Videos.

XTE Product Suite

KHLG & Associates, Inc. is an authorized US retailer and 3rd Party testing service provider of the X-Ray Test & Evaluation (XTE) product suite. The XTE is a commercially independent evaluation system that provides fully comprehensive quality assurance tests of X-Ray Scanners.  This world-patented system verifies and evaluates performance of small to large X-Ray scanners in one-pass within minutes and no disruptions to daily operations.

XTE Unify Platform/XTE Web@ccess

The 3rd Party Testing Services can be associated with the XTE Unify Platform software.  The software allows owners/operators to automate daily performance evaluation in real-time for assured decision making and trending analysis.  The data is linked through XTE Web@ccess from X-Ray Scanners to servers within a centralized collection database.

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