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We strive to provide the best service to all our customer. From rigorous scientific knowledge, familiarity with regulatory requirements, and technical expertise to conduct thorough environmental assessments to identifying and minimizing the risks that would result in legal actions.

KHLG provides full environmental services in consulting, stormwater management, planning and monitoring, biological services, sampling, sampling design, and Phase 1/Phase 2 site assessments (in accordance with ASTM E1527). We also support companies in Guam and Micronesia region in completing their regulatory permitting requirements and monitoring related services in the construction industry.

Environmental Engineering Guam Pacific

Some services that we offer are:

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Why do I need an Environmental Consultant?

Environmental Quality Services

A long-term management plan can help achieve goals of protecting human health and the environment and making progress towards site objectives. KHLG develops Long-Term Monitoring plans to implement the remedies following the post-construction phases to the remediation management of projects. KHLG can track and monitor the effectiveness of the engineered remedies through periodic performance evaluations and make inform decision makers of alternative remedies or contingency actions.
Evaluating the environmental liability of a project or a real estate asset is purpose of an environmental site assessment. An Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) is the process of conducting “all appropriate inquiry” into the past or present uses of a property to determine whether the property is impacted by a “recognized environmental condition”. The ESA process include a site inspection, review of historical records of the property and research of records available at government agencies. KHLG helps future property owners ensure that the asset they are acquiring has no past or present activities that is hazardous within the property. All information is detailed in a Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment Report, in which a determination is made to continue a Phase 2 Environmental Site Assessment.
KHLG also offers complete environmental field sampling (soil/water) and field support services for environmental assessments, investigations, and remediation. KHLG utilizes full sampling designs that is coordinated with the client and regulatory agencies to ensure that sampling efforts are conducted within local/federal requirements under the highest quality standards. Our environmental services are also designed to help support construction companies in meeting their legislative requirements and to comply with environmental regulations. KHLG works closely with both local and US Mainland laboratories for sampling analysis to further guarantee that samples are not compromised during transfer of the samples to the laboratories. We will perform all work within your field budget to meet all data quality objectives and under a Certified Environmental Sampler that is certified by the International Certification Program for Environmental Samplers and Specialists.