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Keeping your Project’s Integrity

Our team of experts has significant experience preparing, analyzing, resolving, and presenting claims, disputes and defenses including Cumulative Impact Claims, Differing Site Conditions, Changed Conditions, Suspensions, Terminations, Loss of Efficiency, Out of Sequence Work, Lack of Site Access, Change Order Impacts, Owner Delays, and Contractor Delays.

KHLG & Associates, Inc. (KHLG) provides construction and engineering claim services for general contractors, government agencies, and private owners.

Claims commonly arise between the parties of construction contracts. This can be a result of problems such as delays, changes, unforeseen circumstances, insufficient information, and conflicts.

With KHLG, we provide services such as:

Why do I need Construction Claims Services?

Construction Claims Services

We prepare documents which helps our client to identify the scope of loss, review the added/replacement cost alternatives and analyze loss mitigation scenarios. Careful on-site technical issues of the claim through an engineer’s perspective can often make a significant difference in how construction losses are ultimately settled. We simplify the process of quantifying and documenting loses and additives so our clients can effectively manage claims.
Delay and disruption happen in most engineering and construction projects and considered to be the primary reason for the late completion of projects and increase in costs to all parties. We assist our clients in delay and disruption analysis of the project for extension of time entitlement and determination of cost compensation.

We are experts in the preparation of, or defending claims for time extension and the associated claims for prolongation costs, disruption claims and acceleration claims using Delay Analysis and dealing with the same in adjudication proceedings.

We understand the importance of construction schedules, baseline programmes, control mechanisms as well as cost variations and can assist you through the various phases of construction.

Construction Mediation, Litigation and Arbitration Testimony and Support
It involves identification of defects and their causes and requires careful analysis to determine whether the alleged defects result from inadequate blueprint or specification details, poor workmanship, defective materials, deviation from manufacturers’ installation recommendations, or improper maintenance.
Our company service combines the experience of dispute cases with its hands-on construction experts in the analysis, preparation and/or review of proposed contract changes. We are engaged to prepare back-up documentation to present a valid claim.
We provide an accurate estimate of degradation of personnel productivity in comparison to the planned and actual. Our experts can pull out the amount of manpower from Contractor’s Production Report, Resources allocated from the schedule, and actual field work.
We make sure overhead and profit percentage is in accordance to agreed contract between involved parties.