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KHLG & Associates, Inc. partners with Herbert Chock & Associates

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KHLG & Associates, Inc., in partnership with Herbert Chock & Associates, forms a formidable team offering comprehensive construction claims services for Guam, the CNMI, and the Micronesia region. With their combined expertise and experience, our team provide clients with a powerful resource to manage and resolve construction disputes effectively.

Together, KHLG & Associates and Herbert Chock & Associates bring a wealth of knowledge in construction management, engineering, and legal expertise. This partnership allows us to offer a holistic approach to construction claims, addressing both technical and legal aspects with precision and efficiency.

Why do I need Construction Claims Services?

Construction claims may be necessary to address project delays caused by unforeseen circumstances, changes in scope, or disruptions, ensuring fair compensation and proper schedule adjustments.
Cost Overruns

Construction claims can help address cost overruns due to changes in project scope, unforeseen site conditions, or contractual disputes, allowing for proper evaluation of additional expenses and equitable resolution.

Design Errors

Construction claims may arise when design errors or omissions lead to conflicts and delays during construction, requiring resolution to mitigate the impacts on project progress and costs.


Construction claims are essential for resolving contractual disputes, such as disagreements over payment terms, change orders, or interpretation of contract clauses, enabling parties to reach a fair and equitable resolution based on contractual obligations.

Our construction claims services encompass a wide range of support throughout the claims process. From the initial identification and analysis of potential claims to the development of comprehensive claim strategies, our team works diligently to protect the interests of their clients. We review project documentation, contracts, schedules, and correspondence to assess claim validity and identify the appropriate course of action.

Our dynamic team also provides expert guidance in claim preparation, supporting clients in drafting claim documents, preparing expert reports, and presenting evidence. Our understanding of construction industry practices, contract interpretation, and relevant regulations strengthens our ability to navigate complex legal and technical issues.

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