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Confidence in Quality

KHLG’s Quality Assurance and Quality Control services aims to help clients in making sure that quality procedures and methods are identified, properly implemented and effectively applied all throughout the construction process.

Why do I need Quality Assurance/ Quality Control Service?

Quality Assurance and Quality Control

Compliance will ensure that the project is completed satisfactorily for all vested parties.
Design Review and Control is assured with compliance with the client’s project intent.
Each project is unique and quality standards must be identified as soon as possible.
Project Purchasing is efficient, timely, and compliant with contract documents.
Process Controls are reliable with oversight with sound QA/QC plans.
Inspections and Tests positive results correlate directly with the quality of the QA/QC plans.’
Quality Systems Audit is instrumental in assuring a living plan to support the constant project challenges.
Record and Document Controls are a key aspect of QA/QC to accurately record the project history and challenges.